Aleksandar Boskovic

Activity: Hosting a visitorHosting an academic visitor


The presentation will outline developments of sociocultural anthropology and psychoanalysis in the last 120 years, focusing on the shared patterns of their establishment, as well on some key personalities and key concepts. Some of the key ideas will be presented through specific persons who used them in their research, or made them accessible to the general public. It will become apparent that, despite some minor disagreements, both anthropology and psychoanalysis have something to offer to each other, and that there is a considerable space for improvement in their relations. This was already quite obvious to W. H. R. Rivers, Alfred L. Kroeber, Bronislaw Malinowski and Siegmund Freud a century ago – so it should also be clear to contemporary scholars and practitioners.
Period31 Mar 2026
Visiting fromUniversity of Belgrade (Serbia)
Visitor degreePhD
Degree of RecognitionNational