Executive Guest Speaker Series: Anushka Soma-Patel, Eco-System Lead at IOHK

Activity: Disseminating Research Workshop, Seminar or Course


Ms Anushka Soma-Patel will provide a case study on technological innovation at Atala Prism on 27 October.

Atala Prism is a project innovation developed by IOHK seeking to decentralise identity. Rather than allowing external agencies to monetise our data, Atala Prism is designed to give users control over their own identity information. This is known as sovereign identity. Participants attending the workshop will gain insights into: What is decentralised identity and sovereign identity and why is this significant? How does this technology disrupt what is currently done? What does this mean for the future of identity documentation (ID, drivers license, education certificate, voting etc)? Examples of how Atala Prism is pioneering change with governments and businesses across Africa

Anushka is responsible for developing the Atala Prism eco-system. She is also Co-Chair of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium, Lead Writer for the African Union Development Agency’s New Partnership for Africa’s Development Blockchain Report, member of the South African National Blockchain Alliance, and a guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town.
Period27 Oct 2022
Event titleExecutive Guest Speaker Series
Event typeSeminar
Degree of RecognitionInternational