Budget 2014: experts respond

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Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled his fourth budget. The blueprint for recovery includes wholesale changes to pensions and savings, attempts to boost business investment, new relief for the costs of childcare, £140m for repairing the damage from the winter’s floods, a £119 billion cap on welfare – as well as a brand new design for the £1 coin.

As the day develops, our panel of experts here give their take on what this budget means for the economy, healthcare, education, the environment and, of course, ordinary members of the public.

Period19 Mar 2014

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Media coverage

  • TitleBudget 2014: experts respond
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    Producer/AuthorKaren Rowlingson, Chris Martin, Eleonora Belfiore, Jo Blanden, John Appleby, John Van Reenen, Kenneth Gibb, Michael Kitson, Naomi Eisenstadt, Neil Carter, Prem Sikka, Richard Fairchild, Richard Jones, Rob Hayward, Suzy Moat and W David McCausland
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