From French Revolution to Queen Elizabeth II - History of Kings & Queens Adapting To Constitutional Monarchy

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It's been a great pleasure to talk to Adel Aali, host of the popular American podcast History Behind News, about how monarchs in nineteenth-century constitutional systems formed their public personas. For this episode, we had a conversation about royal soft power and why it was important for rulers to be seen as accessible by their subjects. We discussed the crucial function royal family members had - and still have - in supporting the monarchical institution. Emotions were really helping with that; we looked at a really sad French children's book about a young heir to the throne who thought he could defy death because of his elevated rank. The main message to readers at the time was really that royal families were 'just people' in many ways, experiencing the same sorrows and joys as their subjects. 

Period23 Sep 2022

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Media contributions


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