How a new app helps fishing boats avoid endangered species

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The discarding of fish at sea – known as “bycatch” – happens when fish have no commercial value or annual quotas for a commercial species are limited. It is widely regarded as a wasteful and unsustainable practice. A shocking 267,000 tonnes of fish were dumped in the North Sea in 2010. To reduce this waste, in 2013 EU member states agreed to the introduction of the landing obligation in EU waters. In January 2019, this was fully enforced, effectively serving as a ban on discarding commercial species.

The implementation of this ban created the so-called “choke species” problem. Choke species are fish with catches limited by annual quotas but which cannot easily be avoided or, under the landing obligation, discarded. This potentially results in the early tie-up of a fishing boat if that vessel’s annual quota for the choke species is exhausted before their quotas for other fish species are used up.

Period15 Sep 2021

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Media contributions