Hydrogen: where is low-carbon fuel most useful for decarbonisation?

  • Thomas Baxter
  • Ernst Worrell
  • Hu Li
  • Petra E. de Jongh
  • Stephen Carr
  • Valeska Ting

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Is hydrogen the lifeblood of a low-carbon future, or an overhyped distraction from real solutions? One thing is certain – the coal, oil and natural gas which currently power much of daily life must be phased out within coming decades. From the cars we drive to the energy that heats our homes, these fossil fuels are deeply embedded in society and the global economy. But is the best solution in all cases to swap them with hydrogen – a fuel which only produces water vapour, and not CO₂, when burned?

Answering that question are six experts in engineering, physics and chemistry.

Period9 Nov 2020

Media contributions


Media contributions