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AUTNES TV Debates Panel Study 2013

Kritzinger, S. (Creator), Johann, D. (Creator), Glantschnigg, C. (Creator), Aicholzer, J. (Creator), Konstantin, G. (Creator), Thomas, K. (Creator), Markus, W. (Creator) & Zeglovits, E. (Creator), Leibniz-Institute fur Sozialwissenschaften : GESIS Data Archive, 2016


AUTNES Rolling-Cross-Section Panel Study 2013

Kritzinger, S. (Creator), Johann, D. (Creator), Aicholzer, J. (Creator), Glantschnigg, C. (Creator), Konstantin, G. (Creator), Thomas, K. (Creator), Markus, W. (Creator) & Zeglovits, E. (Creator), Leibniz-Institute fur Sozialwissenschaften : GESIS Data Archive, 2016


The impact of uncertainty on cooperation intent in a conservation conflict

Pollard, C. R. J. (Creator), Redpath, S. (Creator), Bussière, L. F. (Creator), Keane, A. (Creator), Thompson, D. B. A. (Creator), Young, J. C. (Creator) & Bunnefeld, N. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 28 Feb 2019


River Level Data Provided by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency)

Pang, W. (Supervisor), Coghill, G. (Supervisor), Kharechko, A. (Data Manager) & Macleod, K. (Supervisor), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Harvested populations are more variable only in more variable environments

Cameron, T. C. (Creator), O'Sullivan, D. (Creator), Reynolds, A. (Creator), Hicks, J. P. (Creator), Piertney, S. (Creator) & Benton, T. G. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 24 May 2016


Reducing Escherichia Coli O157 Risk in Rural Communities, 2007-2011

Hunter, C. (Creator), Cross, P. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator) & Strachan, N. (Creator), UK Data Service, 15 Apr 2019


GSE39679: eXtreme Array Mapping (XAM) for the low leaf Cd phenotype in Arabidopsis thaliana accession CS28181

Chao, D. (Creator), Borevitz, J. O. (Creator), Atwell, S. (Creator), Huang, Y. S. (Creator), Vilhjalmsson, B. J. (Creator), Willems, G. (Creator), Horton, M. (Creator), Li, Y. (Creator), Meng, D. (Creator), Platt, A. (Creator), Tarone, A. M. (Creator), Hu, T. T. (Creator), Jiang, R. (Creator), Muliyati, N. W. (Creator), Zhang, X. (Creator), Amer, M. A. (Creator), Baxter, I. (Creator), Brachi, B. (Creator), Chory, J. (Creator), Dean, C. (Creator), Debieu, M. (Creator), de Meaux, J. (Creator), Ecker, J. R. (Creator), Faure, N. (Creator), Kniskern, J. M. (Creator), Jones, J. D. G. (Creator), Michael, T. (Creator), Nemri, A. (Creator), Roux, F. (Creator), Salt, D. (Creator), Tang, C. (Creator), Todesco, M. (Creator), Traw, M. B. (Creator), Weigel, D. (Creator), Marjoram, P. (Creator), Bergelson, J. (Creator), Nordborg, M. (Creator), Silva, A. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), GEO, 31 Jul 2012


Partitioning of soil phosphorus among arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal trees in tropical and subtropical forests

Liu, X. (Creator), Burslem, D. (Creator), Taylor, J. D. (Creator), Taylor, A. F. S. (Creator), Khoo, E. (Creator), Majalap-Lee, N. (Creator), Helgason, T. (Creator) & Johnson, D. (Creator), Figshare, 15 Feb 2018


GSE25544 Host/microbial cross-talk in the gut : in-depth investigation of the symbiotic effects of Roseburia hominis

Kelly, D. (Creator), Hooiveld, G. (Creator), Van Iersel, M. (Creator), Koks, P. D. (Creator), Elliott, R. M. (Creator), Rocca-Serra, P. (Creator), Mulder, I. E. (Creator) & Morgan, P. (Data Manager), GEO, 5 Feb 2016


Models of argument for deliberative Dialogue in Complex Domains: Data Bundle

Toniolo, A. (Creator), Norman, T. J. F. (Creator), Sycara, K. P. (Creator) & Oren, N. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 1 Sep 2015


Pressure forces on sediment particles in turbulent open-channel flow

Stewart, M. (Creator), Nikora, V. I. (Supervisor), Amir, M. (Creator) & Cameron, S. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 5 May 2015


Rural Crafting Communities in the Digital Age Dataset

Townsend, L. C. (Creator), Townsend, L. C. (Creator) & Bain, M. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 24 Nov 2015