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MAPP Dataset

Van Haute, E. (Creator), Paulis, E. (Creator), Baras, M. (Creator), Barbera, O. (Creator), Barrio, A. (Creator), Bennie, L. (Creator), Bolin, N. (Creator), Chritophorou, C. (Creator), Correa, P. (Creator), Cross, W. (Creator), Delwit, P. (Creator), Ennser-Jedenastik, L. (Creator), Enyedi, Z. (Creator), Santo, P. E. (Creator), Gauga, A. (Creator), Heidar, K. (Creator), van Holstein, J. (Creator), Ikstens, J. (Creator), Indradison, I. (Creator), Ionascu, A. (Creator), Jastramskis, M. (Creator), Jupskas, A. R. (Creator), Kenig, O. (Creator), Kocijan, B. (Creator), Koole, R. (Creator), Kosiara-Pedersen, K. (Creator), Krasovec, A. (Creator), Ladner, A. (Creator), Linek, L. (Creator), Paczesniak, A. (Creator), Pettai, V. (Creator), Rahat, G. (Creator), Ribeiro, P. F. (Creator), Den Ridder, J. (Creator), Terul, J. R. (Creator), Sandri, G. (Creator), Sierens, V. (Creator), Soare, S. (Creator), Spier, T. (Creator), Voerman, G. (Creator), Weeks, L. (Creator), Westinen, J. (Creator) & Zemanik, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 30 Aug 2016


Maternal effects alter the severity of inbreeding depression in the offspring

Pilakouta, N. (Creator) & Smiseth, P. T. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 24 Aug 2016


Mating outcomes from controlled crosses of side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana)

Lancaster, L. (Owner), McAdam, A. G. (Owner), Hipsley, C. A. (Owner) & Sinervo, B. R. (Owner), Dryad Digital Repository, 11 Mar 2014


Meteorological data for the Siksik catchment, North West Territories, Canada for 2013 and 2014

Tetzlaff, D. (Creator), Lessels, D. P. (Creator), Wookey, P. A. (Creator) & Rea, B. (Data Manager), NERC/Centre for Ecology Hydrology, 13 May 2016


Microclimate proxy measurements from a logging gradient in Malaysia Borneo

Blonder, B. (Creator), Both, S. (Creator), Coomes, D. A. (Creator), Elias, D. M. O. (Creator), Jucker, T. (Creator), Kvasnica, J. (Creator), Majapun, R. (Creator), Riutta, T. (Creator), Svátek, M. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 14 Dec 2018


MinkApp Project

Webster, G. (Creator), Van der Wal, R. (Contributor) & Sripada, G. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2012


Models of argument for deliberative Dialogue in Complex Domains: Data Bundle

Toniolo, A. (Creator), Norman, T. J. F. (Creator), Sycara, K. P. (Creator) & Oren, N. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 1 Sep 2015


MTBLS91: The metabolic response of marine copepods to environmental warming and ocean acidification in the absence of food

Sommer, U. (Creator), Mayor, D. (Creator), Cook, K. (Creator), Viant, M. R. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), Metabolights, 13 Oct 2015


Natural Language Generation - riverNLG

Han, X. (Creator), Sripada, G. (Other) & Van der Wal, R. (Other), University of Aberdeen, 15 Aug 2014


Neutron data for IrSr2Sm2-xCexCu2O10 samples

McLaughlin, A. (Creator) & Colman, R. (Data Collector), University of Aberdeen, 8 May 2015


NSHD Hip Shape modes

Aspden, R. (Creator), MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL, 1 Jan 2016


nu-BDI: Norm-driven BDI interpreter

Meneguzzi, F. (Creator), Rodrigues, O. (Creator), Oren, N. (Creator), Vasconcelos, W. W. (Creator) & Luck, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 2 Mar 2017


Numerosity underestimation and visual crowding

Chakravarthi, R. (Creator) & Bertamini, M. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2018


Odyssey's mythological network

Miranda, P. J. (Creator), Baptista, M. (Creator) & E. de S. Pinto, S. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 6 Jul 2018


One node driving synchronisation

Baptista, M. (Contributor) & Wang, C. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Oxidative stress and mitochondrial responses to stress exposure suggest that king penguins are naturally equipped to resist stress

Stier, A. (Creator), Schull, Q. (Creator), Bize, P. (Creator), Lefol, E. (Creator), Haussmann, M. F. (Creator), Roussel, D. (Creator), Robin, J. (Creator) & Viblanc, V. A. (Creator), Figshare, 15 May 2019


Partitioning of soil phosphorus among arbuscular and ectomycorrhizal trees in tropical and subtropical forests

Liu, X. (Creator), Burslem, D. (Creator), Taylor, J. D. (Creator), Taylor, A. F. S. (Creator), Khoo, E. (Creator), Majalap-Lee, N. (Creator), Helgason, T. (Creator) & Johnson, D. (Creator), Figshare, 15 Feb 2018