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Hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows over self-affine rough beds

Stewart, M. (Creator), Cameron, S. (Creator), Nikora, V. I. (Creator), Zampiron, A. (Creator) & Marusic, I. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 2017


Residues with varying recalcitrance interact differently with seed or root exudate compounds to affect the biophysical behaviour of soil

Hallett, P. (Creator), Oleghe, E. E. (Creator), Baggs, E. M. (Creator) & Naveed, M. (Creator), Mendeley, 2 Dec 2019


Northern Ireland Social Attitudes and Life and Times Combined Dataset, 1989-2009

Dowds, L. (Creator), McAllister, I. (Creator), Devine, P. (Creator) & Hayes, B. (Creator), UK Data Service, 19 Aug 2010


Employment and Working Life Beyond the Year 2000 : Employee Attitudes to Work in Call Centres and Software Development, 1999-2001.

Taylor, P. (Creator), Scholarios, D. (Creator), Bain, P. (Creator), Baldry, C. (Creator) & Hyman, J. (Creator), UK Data Service, 2 Jun 2004