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Role of parasite-driven selection in shaping landscape genomic structure in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica)

Wenzel, M. (Contributor), Douglas, A. (Contributor), James, M. C. (Contributor), Redpath, S. (Contributor) & Piertney, S. (Contributor), Dryad Digital Repository, 12 Nov 2015


Hydraulic resistance in open-channel flows over self-affine rough beds

Stewart, M. (Creator), Cameron, S. (Creator), Nikora, V. I. (Creator), Zampiron, A. (Creator) & Marusic, I. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 2017


Residues with varying recalcitrance interact differently with seed or root exudate compounds to affect the biophysical behaviour of soil

Hallett, P. (Creator), Oleghe, E. E. (Creator), Baggs, E. M. (Creator) & Naveed, M. (Creator), Mendeley, 2 Dec 2019


Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Srinivasan, K. (Creator), Poornima, S. (Creator), Govindarajan, S. (Creator) & Harrison, W. (Creator), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 10 Jun 2016


Scottish Borders Roads

Corsar, D. (Creator) & Edwards, P. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Trusted Tiny Things: Participatory Design Exercises

Beran, S. (Contributor), Pignotti, E. (Creator), Edwards, P. (Data Manager) & Holden, J. A. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Trusted Tiny Things: Bus Stop Evaluation Data

Beran, S. (Creator), Pignotti, E. (Editor) & Edwards, P. (Editor), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Passenger Probe Kit study

Gault, P. E. (Creator), Corsar, D. (Contributor), Edwards, P. (Contributor), Nelson, J. (Contributor), Cottrill, C. (Contributor) & Galan-Diaz, C. R. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 1 Jun 2015


Intention Analysis Jar

Han, X. (Creator) & Edwards, P. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 2015


CrowdData IITB Life TumTum Deployment 1

Corsar, D. (Creator), Edwards, P. (Other), Beran, S. (Other) & Velaga, N. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 2015


A collection of titles and publishers of articles used to explore historical reports of an E.coli incident 2016-2018

Edwards, P. (Creator), Markovic, M. (Creator), Petrunova, N. N. (Creator), Lin, C. (Creator) & Corsar, D. (Creator), UK Data Service, 16 Nov 2018


Is Vagueness Beneficial for Hearers? Evidence from Experiments

Green, M. J. (Creator), Van Deemter, K. J. (Creator) & Vasconcelos, W. W. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 2016


SILAC data

Stansfield, I. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 1 Apr 2019


Women's political participation after the Scottish independence referendum

Rummery, K. (Creator), McAngus, C. A. (Creator) & Bennie, L. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 27 Apr 2018


MTBLS91: The metabolic response of marine copepods to environmental warming and ocean acidification in the absence of food

Sommer, U. (Creator), Mayor, D. (Creator), Cook, K. (Creator), Viant, M. R. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), Metabolights, 13 Oct 2015


Reproductive performance of resident and migrant males, females and pairs in a partially migratory bird

Grist, H. (Creator), Daunt, F. (Creator), Wanless, S. (Creator), Burthe, S. J. (Creator), Newell, M. A. (Creator), Harris, M. (Creator) & Reid, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 18 May 2017