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One node driving synchronisation

Baptista, M. (Contributor) & Wang, C. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Outmigration from rural Scotland, 2000

Stockdale, A. (Creator) & Rea, B. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 26 Apr 2002


Northern Ireland Assembly Election Survey, 2003.

Hayes, B. (Creator), Dowds, L. (Creator), Mitchell, P. (Creator) & Evans, G. (Creator), UK Data Service, 7 Jul 2006


Demographic mechanisms of inbreeding adjustment through extra-pair reproduction: Article Data

Reid, J. (Creator), Duthie, A. B. (Creator), Wolak, M. E. (Creator) & Arcese, P. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 12 Feb 2015


Curios - Hebridean Connections Data

Webster, G. (Creator), Beel, D. E. (Creator), Nguyen, H. (Creator) & Wallace, C. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2012


RemoteStream Code

Verdicchio, F. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Private-Sector Afforestation in Scotland, 1975-1984; Population of Estates/Units Carrying Out Afforestation

Mather, A. S. (Creator), Murray, N. C. (Creator) & Rea, B. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 26 Nov 1987


Oxidative stress and mitochondrial responses to stress exposure suggest that king penguins are naturally equipped to resist stress

Stier, A. (Creator), Schull, Q. (Creator), Bize, P. (Creator), Lefol, E. (Creator), Haussmann, M. F. (Creator), Roussel, D. (Creator), Robin, J. (Creator) & Viblanc, V. A. (Creator), Figshare, 15 May 2019


Effects of prior contest experience and contest outcome on female reproductive decisions and offspring fitness

Pilakouta, N. (Creator), Halford, C. (Creator), Racz, R. (Creator) & Smiseth, P. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 14 Apr 2016


Larval foraging decisions in competitive heterogeneous environments accommodate diets that support egg-to-adult development in a polyphagous fly

Morimoto Borges, J. (Creator), Tabrizi, S. T. (Creator), Lundback, I. (Creator), Mainali, B. (Creator), Taylor, P. W. (Creator) & Ponton, F. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 22 Mar 2019


Water isotopes at Bruntland Burn catchment

Kuppel, S. (Creator), Tetzlaff, D. (Owner) & Soulsby, C. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 5 Jun 2018