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Great Britain Historical Database : Census Data : Occupational Statistics, 1841-1991.

Southall, H. (Creator), Dorling, D. (Creator), Ell, D. (Creator), Garrett, E. M. (Creator), Gatley, D. A. (Creator), Gilbert, D. R. (Creator), Lee, C. H. (Creator), Reid, A. (Creator), Woolard, M. (Creator) & Zangelidis, A. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 12 Aug 2004


Benefits and costs of emphasis adaptation in study workflows

Tintarev, N. (Creator), Green, M. J. (Creator), Masthoff, J. (Creator) & Hermens, F. (Data Collector), University of Aberdeen, May 2015


Role of parasite-driven selection in shaping landscape genomic structure in red grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica)

Wenzel, M. (Contributor), Douglas, A. (Contributor), James, M. C. (Contributor), Redpath, S. (Contributor) & Piertney, S. (Contributor), Dryad Digital Repository, 12 Nov 2015


Crystal structures of four indole derivatives as possible cannabinoid allosteric antagonists: CCDC 1062391: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

Kerr, J. R. (Contributor), Trembleau, L. (Contributor), Storey, J. (Contributor), Wardell, J. L. (Contributor) & Harrison, W. (Contributor), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 29 Apr 2015



Keller, C. D. (Creator) & Schelter, B. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 10 Apr 2019



Keller, C. D. (Creator), Romano, M. C. (Creator) & Stansfield, I. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 2019


How can skin check reminders be personalized to patient conscientiousness"

Dennis, M. G. (Creator), Smith, K. A. (Contributor), Masthoff, J. (Contributor) & Tintarev, N. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 1 Apr 2015


Aberdeen University Students, 1860-1920

Harper, M. (Creator) & Payne, P. L. (Creator), UK Data Service, 20 Mar 1996


Larval foraging decisions in competitive heterogeneous environments accommodate diets that support egg-to-adult development in a polyphagous fly

Morimoto Borges, J. (Creator), Tabrizi, S. T. (Creator), Lundback, I. (Creator), Mainali, B. (Creator), Taylor, P. W. (Creator) & Ponton, F. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 22 Mar 2019


Storm petrel data sets

Sanz-Aguilar, A. (Creator) & Payo-Payo, A. (Creator), CSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 2019


Interactions between ecological factors in the developmental environment modulate pupal and adult traits in a polyphagous fly

Nguyen, B. (Creator), Ponton, F. (Creator), Than, A. T. (Creator), Taylor, P. W. (Creator), Chapman, T. (Creator) & Morimoto Borges, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 29 Apr 2019


Variations in age- and sex-specific survival rates help explain population trend in a discrete marine mammal population

Arso Civil, M. (Creator), Cheney, B. (Creator), Quick, N. J. (Creator), Islas-Villanueva, V. (Creator), Graves, J. A. (Creator), Janik, V. M. (Creator), Thompson, P. (Creator) & Hammond, P. S. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 19 Dec 2018