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Tweets used to explore the potential role of social media data in responding to new and emewrging forms of food fraud 2018

Edwards, P. (Creator), Markovic, M. (Creator), Petrunova, N. N. (Creator), Lin, C. (Creator) & Corsar, D. (Creator), UK Data Service, 16 Nov 2018


Semantic grid tools for rural policy development

Edwards, P. (Creator), Mellish, C. (Creator), Farrington, J. (Creator) & Preece, A. D. (Creator), UK Data Service, 14 Jan 2013


Estimated age at death for owl ring recoveries, and recruitment of breeders into the owl population

Hoy, S. R. (Creator), Petty, S. J. (Creator), Millon, A. (Creator), Whitfield, D. P. (Creator), Marquiss, M. (Creator), Davidson, M. (Creator) & Lambin, X. (Creator), British Ecological Society, 30 Oct 2014