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Impact of carbohydrate substrate complexity on the diversity of the human colonic microbiota

Chung, W. S. F. (Creator), Walker, A. (Creator), Vermeiren, J. (Creator), Sheridan, P. (Creator), Bosscher, D. (Creator), Garcia-Campayo, V. (Creator), Parkhill, J. (Creator), Flint, H. (Creator) & Duncan, S. (Creator), Oxford Academic, 6 Jan 2019


Odyssey's mythological network

Miranda, P. J. (Creator), Baptista, M. (Creator) & E. de S. Pinto, S. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 6 Jul 2018


Sediment records of the 2016-2017 flood from Notwane dam, Upper Limpopo basin, Botswana

Franchi, F. (Creator) & Comte, J. (Creator), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 18 Nov 2019


Persistence, impacts and environmental drivers of covert infections in invertebrate hosts.

De Brito Fontes, I. S. (Creator), Hartikainen, H. (Creator), Williams, C. (Creator), Okamura, B. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Dec 2017


Soil and gas measurements from Puna grasslands under different land management over one year

Oliver, V. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), NERC Environmental Information Data Centre, 8 Dec 2017


Behavioural and eye-tracking, Experimental data

Jackson, M. C. (Creator), Spotorno, S. (Contributor) & Poncet, M. (Contributor), UK Data Service, 17 Aug 2017


nu-BDI: Norm-driven BDI interpreter

Meneguzzi, F. (Creator), Rodrigues, O. (Creator), Oren, N. (Creator), Vasconcelos, W. W. (Creator) & Luck, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 2 Mar 2017