Demographic characteristics and habitat of Pyracantha angustifolia collected from Northwest Argentina, May 2019



The dataset contains fruit counts (and counts of seeds within fruits), size measurements, and habitat characteristics for Pyracantha angustifolia, in Tafi Del Valle (Northwest Argentina). Data were obtained from field-based measurements of shrub characteristics in May 2019, when Pyracantha is fruiting. Also included are growth ring counts for shrubs of different sized used to predict the age of shrubs within the dataset.,The number of saplings of Pyracantha (greater than 10cm tall and non-reproductive), number of reproductive adults and habitat type (grassland, shrubland, rocky) were recorded at each study plot. For each reproductive adult we measured the basal stem diameter of the main stem, height of the plant and canopy diameter (along the four cardinal directions). We recorded whether the plant showed visible signs of damage by grazers and we counted fruit on segments comprising one eighth of the projected canopy area. Fruit production per plant was determined by multiplying this value by eight for a total of 309 reproductive adults of known size. To determine estimates of plant age we harvested 32 shrubs at ground level and removed a cylindrical block of stem from the base of the main stem. One cross-section on each sample was sanded to produce a smooth surface. Growth rings were counted based on observation of denser and darker coloured latewood bands, which are assumed to represent annual growth rings. This count was repeated by four observers.,

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Date made available1 Jan 2020
PublisherNatural Environment Research Council

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