Great Britain Historical Database : Census Data : Occupational Statistics, 1841-1991.

  • Humphrey Southall (Creator)
  • D. Dorling (Creator)
  • D. Ell (Creator)
  • E. M. Garrett (Creator)
  • D. A. Gatley (Creator)
  • D. R. Gilbert (Creator)
  • Clive Howard Lee (Creator)
  • A Reid (Creator)
  • M. Woolard (Creator)
  • Alexandros Zangelidis (Data Manager)



Main Topics:
Occupational statistics for the counties of England and Wales, 1841, 1851, 1881, 1891.
Occupational statistics for registration districts in England and Wales, 1871.
Male and female occupational statistics for local government districts, 1901, 1911, 1921.
Detailed 1931 occupational statistics for counties and large towns by sex.
Condensed 1931 occupational statistics for males and females in smaller districts.
Scottish Occupational Status data arranged by age and sex for 1931.
Detailed 1951 occupational statistics for counties and large towns organised by levels/categories and sex.
Occupational Statistics for males and females in small towns and rural districts, 1951.
1991 unemployment rates interpolated onto 1898 Registration Districts.
Standardised County-level Occupational Statistics by sectors 1841-1971.

Please note: this study does not include information on named individuals and would therefore not be useful for personal family history research
Date made available12 Aug 2004
PublisherUK Data Service
Temporal coverage1841 - 1991
Date of data production1999 - 2002

Funder and Grant Reference number

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
  • R000237757
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  • Leverhulme Trust
  • L128251051

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