Scrutable Autonomous Systems



1. Formal Arguments - User data from experiment studying the application of preferences when presented with conflicting arguments (presented in plain English).

2. Lexical Ambiguity - This is the data analysis notebook for Jager et al's (2014) 'Ambiguity effects for concrete nouns are modified by word frequency and level of processing' Language and Cognitive Processes

3. Aggregation - This work discusses the idea, implicit in some treatments of aggregation in Natural Language Generation (NLG), that less redundant linguistic structures must always be preferable to more redundant structures that express the same information. We demonstrate experimentally that this view is mistaken and argue for a non-directional approach to aggregation that is able to add or remove redundancies depending on a range of factors. (2012-2015)
Date made available2014
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen

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