Stable water isotopes in Western Siberian inland waters

  • Christopher Soulsby (Creator)
  • Pertti Ala-Aho (Creator)
  • O. S. Pokrovsky (Creator)
  • S. N. Kirpotin (Creator)
  • J. Karlsson (Creator)
  • S. Serikova (Creator)
  • R. M. Manasypov (Creator)
  • A. Y. Lim (Creator)
  • I. V Krickov (Creator)
  • S.N. Vorobyev (Creator)
  • L. G. Kolesnichenko (Creator)
  • S Loiko (Creator)
  • Doerthe Tetzlaff (Creator)



The dataset captures an unprecedented spatial extent of stable water isotopes (oxygen-18 and deuterium) in Siberian inland waters and soil waters. The final dataset comprises 1084 analysed samples from rivers, lakes and soil solutions. Samples are collected by Tomsk State University and Analysed by the University of Aberdeen.

Sampling locations follow primarily the main stem of River Ob spanning the extent of 56-68 deg latitude and 74-89 deg longitude covering non-permafrost, discontinuous permafrost and permafrost areas. Water samples collected in intensive sampling campaigns for all hydrological seasons during 2014-2016. The main channel of river Ob near the city of Tomsk was sampled every other day since September 2015 building a dataset of unique temporal resolution in a major arctic river.

Dataset produced as a part of the JPI/NERC funded SIWA project (grant no: NE/M019896/1); “Climate impact on the carbon emission and export from Siberian inland waters”.

The resource is under embargo until 31 March 2019
Date made available21 Jul 2017
PublisherNERC Environmental Information Data Centre
Temporal coverage1 Feb 2014 - 30 Nov 2016
Date of data production2014 - 2016

Funder and Grant Reference number

  • Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)
  • NE/M019196/1

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