Trusted Tiny Things: Participatory Design Exercises

  • Stanislav Beran (Contributor)
  • Edoardo Pignotti (Creator)
  • Pete Edwards (Data Manager)
  • Jennifer Ann Holden (Contributor)



This dataset contains raw data (images of post it notes, summary of the exercises, study material and scripts used to devise participatory design exercises) in digital format.

This data were used to aid development of Trusted Tiny Things infrastructure, ontological models and android application.

Contact person for accessing full data is included.
Date made available2015
PublisherUniversity of Aberdeen
Temporal coverage1 Sep 2013 - 1 Sep 2014

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Beran, S. (Contributor), Pignotti, E. (Creator), Edwards, P. (Data Manager), Holden, J. A. (Contributor) (2015). Trusted Tiny Things: Participatory Design Exercises. University of Aberdeen. Summary_extraction(.xlsx), 20131031_142047(.jpg), 20131031_142053(.jpg), 20131031_142055(.jpg), 20131031_142122(.jpg), 20131031_142136(.jpg), 20131031_142148(.jpg), 20131031_142153(.jpg), 20131031_142158(.jpg), 20131031_142215(.jpg), 20131031_142222(.jpg), 20131031_143307(.jpg), 20131031_143703(.jpg), 20131031_143707(.jpg), 20131031_143711(.jpg), 20131031_143720(.jpg), 20131128_111006(.jpg), 20131128_120254(.jpg), 20131128_120300(.jpg), 20131128_120305(.jpg), 20131128_120319(.jpg), 20131128_120322(.jpg), 20131128_120328(.jpg), 20131128_121351(.jpg), 20131128_121356(.jpg), 20131128_121359(.jpg), 20131128_121406(.jpg), 20131128_121410(.jpg), 20131128_121415(.jpg), Demographics_t3(.docx), Flayer(.pdf), Script_Final(.docx), T3_Information_sheet_and_Conset(.docx). 10.20392/edc32510-d404-4e14-b630-01dad4e57d30