Vole data lifespan, oxidative damage, food intake and body mass



An Excel data file with the lifespan, oxidative damage and morphological measurements taken from laboratory measurements originally sourced from Jane McLaren's PhD thesis, University of Aberdeen. Cold and warm denotes housing temperature voles maintained at. Vit E and vit C are vitamin E supplemented and vitamin C supplemented respectively. ENDO is endonuclease III and FPG is formamidopyrimidine-DNA-glycosylase. Lifespan data in days. Food intake in grams per day, body mass in grams, hepatic lipid peroxidation in nmol mg protein, DNA damage in arbitrary units all collected at 11 months of age
Date made available2013
PublisherDryad Digital Repository

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  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

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