Electron Microscopy

    Debbie Isabelle Wilkinson (Manager)

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    Institute of Medical Sciences Aberdeen AB25 2ZD

    United Kingdom


Within the facility we have a wide range of modern equipment and techniques available and are here to help you make the best use of them. We have many years of experience with Histology, Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy. We are happy to meet up to help you get started with a new study or help you sort out an unexpected result. A comprehensive processing and sectioning service for Electron Microscopy, (sample prep/sectioning for TEM and SEM; cryo EM prep). Training and assisted use can also provided.

- High pressure freezer (Leica Empact 2/RTS)
- Automated freeze substitution system (Leica AFS2/FSP)
- Ultramicrotomes, cryoultramicrotome for TEM sectioning
- SEM preparation equipment, including critical point drier, sputter coater and high vacuum coating unit
- Zeiss EVO MA10 SEM with INCA microanalysis + BSE, VP and STEM detectors
- ACEMAC Nano Scale Electron Microscopy and Analysis Facility
-Jeol 2000EXD TEM


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