NMR Spectrometers - 400 MHz NMR

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    School of Natural and Computing Sciences University of Aberdeen King's College Aberdeen AB24 3FX

    United Kingdom



We are particularly well equipped for research in the two main research themes of Biomolecular Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry.

Molecular Analysis Equipment:
- Advance III HD 400 NMR

From Bruker Daltonics: equipped with 60-sample changer for automated analysis of routine samples (1H, 13C, DEPT, standard 2D experiments)
- Equipped with a Double-resonance broadband multinuclear (BBFO) SmartProbe for observation of nuclei in frequency range 15N to 31P plus 19F, with 1H decoupling/ observation and 2H lock, standard 5mm sample diameter.
- Equipped with shielded z-gradient coils for gradient spectroscopy (GRASP) and automatic tuning and matching accessory (ATM)

For any information related to the NMR instruments please contact: Prof. Marcel Jaspars


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