Discovery and commercialisation of new drug for rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions


Description of impact

The University of Aberdeen's discovery of a novel drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and related inflammatory/autoimmune disorders has brought substantial industrial investment in research and development. The new drug is expected to enter clinical trials shortly and has the potential to transform the way rheumatoid arthritis is currently treated, as few patients currently have access to the expensive biological agents which dominate existing therapy. Aberdeen has commercialised its research into a university spin-out company and subsequently licensed the programme to a UK drug-development company, Modern Biosciences plc. The research has created and protected UK expertise and jobs.

The specific impacts on commerce have been: substantial industrial investment in research and development, job creation and protection within UK industry, commercialisation of a new product via a licencing deal, and academic consultancy in industry.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)