Helping adults with obesity lose weight: providing a new evidence base and putting it into practice

Impact: Policy, Health and Wellbeing, Societal

Description of impact

Worldwide, obesity is increasing with major impacts on health and quality of life. Without effective policies to prevent obesity, evidence is needed on the best (cost-)effective interventions to help adults wishing to lose weight. Research led by the University of Aberdeen has helped to fill this evidence gap with three major systematic reviews and health technology assessments: drug and lifestyle weight management programmes (WMPs); WMPs for men; WMPs for people with severe obesity (BMI ≥35kg/m2). This research has helped create a new evidence base for people with obesity, informing guidelines in the UK, India, the USA and New Zealand, and underpinned a popular, successful WMP in the UK.

Stakeholders / Beneficiaries

Public. Healthcare workers. Policy Makers.


University of Aberdeen research has created a new evidence base to help people with obesity in the UK and internationally. Specifically, it has (i) informed health guidelines for WMPs for adults with obesity in the UK, India, the United States and New Zealand; and (ii) underpinned the development of a successful weight management programme in the UK.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20002018
Category of impactPolicy, Health and Wellbeing, Societal


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