Restorative Linguistic Practice: maintaining and promoting the native dialect of North-East Scotland


Description of impact

In the sixteenth century, Scots was the dominant language of Scotland. Despite centuries of Anglicisation, aided by education policy, over 1,500,000 speakers remain, many in North-East Scotland. University of Aberdeen research, developed from methodological engagement with local communities, has focused on the North-East dialect (Doric), its history, nature and the restoration of its centrality to the region. The research has influenced the development of education, both formal and cultural, on and in Doric; influenced decision-making on language at regional and national levels; and inspired documentary film production, which promotes and celebrates Doric producing commentary across traditional and digital media.


Millar’s research has informed the development of educational materials, from pre-school to university; enhanced knowledge and understanding of Scots within local communities; influenced decision-making in relation to the recognition of Scots as a language to be supported; and inspired the creation of documentaries promoting and celebrating Scots.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20072018