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Organisation profile

Research in the energetics group covers areas affected by the phenomena of energy expenditure and energy balance. Research in obesity, ageing, limits on sustained energy expenditure, and quantification of free-living energy demands are active areas of research. Work in the energetics of flight and bat biology are areas that are now largely completed.


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  • Energy compensation and adiposity in humans

    Careau, V., Halsey, L. G., Pontzer, H., Ainslie, P. N., Andersen, L. F., Anderson, L. J., Arab, L., Baddou, I., Bedu-Addo, K., Blaak, E. E., Blanc, S., Bonomi, A. G., Bouten, C. V. C., Buchowski, M. S., Butte, N. F., Camps, S. G. J. A., Close, G. L., Cooper, J. A., Das, S. K., Cooper, R. & 64 others, Dugas, L. R., Eaton, S. D., Ekelund, U., Entringer, S., Forrester, T., Fudge, B. W., Goris, A. H., Gurven, M., Hambly, C., El Hamdouchi, A., Hoos, M. B., Hu, S., Joonas, N., Joosen, A. M., Katzmarzyk, P., Kempen, K. P., Kimura, M., Kraus, W. E., Kushner, R. F., Lambert, E., Leonard, W. R., Lessan, N., Martin, C. K., Medin, A. C., Meijer, E. P., Morehen, J. C., Morton, J. P., Neuhouser, M. L., Nicklas, T. A., Ojiambo, R. M., Pietilainen, K. H., Pitsiladis, Y. P., Plange-Rhule, J., Plasqui, G., Prentice, R. L., Rabinovich, R. A., Racette, S. B., Raichlen, D. A., Ravussin, E., Reilly, J. J., Reynolds, R. M., Roberts, S. B., Schuit, A. J., Sjodin, A. M., Stice, E., Urlacher, S. S., Valenti, G., Van Etten, L. M., Van Mil, E. A., Wells, J. C. K., Wilson, G., Wood, B. M., Yanovski, J., Yoshida, T., Zhang, X., Murphy-Alford, A. J., Loechl, C. U., Luke, A. H., Rood, J., Sagayama, H., Schoeller, D. A., Wong, W. W., Yamada, Y. & Speakman, J. R., 25 Oct 2021, In: Current Biology. 31, 20, p. 4659-4666 11 p.

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  • Determinants of heart rate in Svalbard reindeer reveal mechanisms of seasonal energy management

    Trondrud, L. M., Pigeon, G., Albon, S., Arnold, W., Evans, A. L., Irvine, R. J., Król, E., Ropstad, E., Stien, A., Veiberg, V., Speakman, J. R. & Loe, L. E., 16 Aug 2021, In: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 376, 1831, 10 p., 20200215.

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  • Daily energy expenditure through the human life course

    IAEA DLW Database Consortium, 13 Aug 2021, In: Science. 373, 6556, eabe5017.

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