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Ben Hee. Scotland Sheet 108W. Bedrock. 1:50,000 Geology Series.

Alsop, G. I. & British Geological, S., 2009, Keyworth, Nottingham: British Geological Survey. 1 p.

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Lower Scapa Earthwork Survey: Data Structure Report

Lindsay, G. J., 11 Jul 2009, (Unpublished) Copy held in Orkney Sites & Monuments Record.

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Data structures

Climate Change, Energy and Transport: The Interviews

Anable, J., Schwanan, T. & Banister, D., 10 Feb 2012, Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford.

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climate change
human geography
carbon emission
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Golden Questions and Social Marketing Guidance Report.

Anable, J. & Wright, S. D., 2013, SEGMENT. 23 p.

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Categories, Concepts and Units: Representing energy demand in and through time

Anable, J., Anderson, B., Shove, E. & Torriti, J., 2014, 22 p.

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energy shortage
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The Cooperative Participatory Evaluation of Renewable Technologies on Ecosystem Services (CORPORATES)

Scott, B. E., Irvine, K. N., Gubbins, M., Kafas, A., Kenter, J., MacDonald, A., O'Hara Murray, R., Potts, T., Slater, A-M., Tweddle, J. F., Wright, K. & Davies, I. M., 4 Feb 2016, Aberdeen, UK: Marine Scotland Science. 88 p. (Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science; vol. 7, no. 1)

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ecosystem service
public sector
private sector
decision making

Glastir Monitoring Evaluation Programme. Final report

Emmett, B. E., Abdalla, M., Anthony, S., Astbury, S., August, T., Barrett, G., Beckmann, B., Biggs, J., Botham, M., Bradley, D., Brown, M., Burden, A., Carter, H., Chadwick, D., Cigna, F., Collier, R., Cooper, D., Cooper, J., Cosby, B. J., Creer, S. & 90 others, Cross, P., Dadam, D., Edwards, F., Edwards, M., Evans, C., Ewald, N., Fitton, A., Garbutt, A., Giampieri, C., Gooday, R., Grebby, S., Greene, S., Halfpenney, I., Hall, J., Harrison, S., Harrower, C., Henrys, P., Hobson, R., Hughes, P., Hughes, S., Illian, J., Isaac, N., Jackson, B., Jarvis, S., Jones, D. L., Jones, P., Keith, A., Kelly, M., Kneebone, N., Korenko, J., Lallias, D., Leaver, D., Robinson, I., Malcolm, H., Maskell, L., McDonald, J., Moxley, J., Norton, L., O'Hare, M., Oliver, T., Owen, A., Parkhill, K. A., Pereira, M., Peyton, J., Pogson, M., Powney, G., Pritchard, N., Prochorskaite, A., Prosser, M., Pywell, R., Rawlins, B., Reuland, O., Richards, M., Robinson, D. A., Rorke, S., Rowland, C., Roy, D., Scarlett, P., Scholefield, P., Scott, A., Scott, L., Scott, R., Sharps, K., Siriwardena, G., Smart, S., Smith, G., Smith, P., Stopps, J., Swetnam, R., Taft, H., Taylor, R., Tebbs, E., Thomas, A., Todd-Jones, C., Tordoff, G., Turner, G., Breda, J. V., Vincent, H., Wagner, M., Waters, E., Walker-Springett, K., Wallace, H., Watkins, J., Webb, G., White, J., Whitworth, E., Williams, B., Williams, P., Wood, C. & Wright, S., 1 Jul 2017, Bangor, UK: NERC/Centre for Ecology Hydrology.

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Open Access
European Commission
rural development
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After Brexit: 10 key questions for rural policy in Scotland

Atterton, J., Copus, A., Glass, J., Liddon, A., de Lima, P., McCracken, D., Moxey, A., Philip, L. J., Shortall, S. & Shucksmith, M., Jan 2018, Newcastle University/ Rural Policy Centre SRUC. 17 p.

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