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An excursion guide to the Moine geology of the Northern Highlands of Scotland

Strachan, R. A. (ed.), Alsop, G. I. (ed.), Friend, C. (ed.) & Miller, S. (ed.), 2 Jul 2010, Edinburgh, United Kingdom: NMSE-Publishing Ltd. Edinburgh. 304 p.

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Coordination, Organizations, Institutions and Norms in agent systems V: COIN 2009 international workshops. COIN@AAMAS 2009, Budapest, Hungary, May 2009, COIN@IJCAI 2009, Pasadena, USA, July 2009, COIN@MALLOW 2009, Turin, Italy, September 2009. Revised selected papers

Padget, J. A. (ed.), Artikis, A. (ed.), Vasconcelos, W. (ed.), Stathis, K. (ed.), Silva, V. T. D. (ed.), Matson, E. T. (ed.) & Polleres, A. (ed.), 2010, Springer . 320 p. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science; vol. 6069)

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Dictionary of Fire Protection Engineering

Jones, J. C., 2010, Whittles Publishing. 297 p.

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Economics of information security and privacy

Pym, D. J. (ed.), Moore, T. (ed.) & Ioannidis, C. (ed.), 30 Jul 2010, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer . 320 p.

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Information privacy
Information security
Economics of information
Computer science

Fear of farming

Wickham-Jones, C., 30 Jun 2010, Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxbow Books. 176 p.

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Human Development

Landscapes and social transformations on the northwest coast: colonial encounters in the Fraser Valley

Oliver, J., 1 Mar 2010, Tucson, AZ, USA: University of Arizona Press. 264 p. (Archaeology of Colonialism in Native North America)

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Northwest Coast

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: Advances and Perspectives

Thiel, M. (ed.), Kurths, J. (ed.), Romano, M. C. (ed.), Karolyi, G. (ed.) & de Moura, A. P. S. (ed.), 22 May 2010, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer-Verlag. 293 p. (Understanding Complex Systems)

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Nonlinear Dynamics
Dynamical system

Not Exactly: in Praise of Vagueness

van Deemter, K., 2010, Oxford: Oxford University Press. 341 p.

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Natural Language
Artificial Intelligence

Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Creativity

Ventura, D. (ed.), Pease, A. (ed.), Perez, R. P. Y. (ed.), Ritchie, G. D. (ed.) & Veale, T. (ed.), 2010, Unknown Publisher. 312 p.

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Taxi! Urban economics and the social & transport impacts of the taxicab

Cooper, J., Mundy, R. & Nelson, J., 2 Jan 2010, Farnham, United Kingdom: Ashgate . 216 p. (Transport and Society)

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public transport

Wild signs: graffiti in archaeology and history

Oliver, J. (ed.) & Neal, T. (ed.), 9 Mar 2010, Oxford: Archaeopress. 108 p.

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Biomechanical Modelling at the Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Levels

Holzapfel, G. (ed.) & Ogden, R. W. (ed.), 28 May 2009, New York, NY, USA: Springer . 344 p. (CISM Courses and Lectures; vol. 508)

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Ceramics before Farming: The dispersal of pottery among prehistoric Eurasian hunter-gatherers

Jordan, P. (ed.) & Zvelebil, M. (ed.), 1 Mar 2009, Walnut Creek, CA, USA: Left Coast Press Inc . 480 p. (University College London Institute of Archaeology Publications)

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Eastern Europe
marine technology
continental margin
coastal zone
marine environment
digital mapping

Coastal Zone Management

Green, D. R., 2009, Thomas Telford Ltd. 392 p.

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coastal zone management
marine resource
coastal zone
resource management

External Controls on Deepwater Depositional Systems

Kneller, B., McCaffrey, W. D. & Martinsen, O. J., 23 Nov 2009, 1 ed. Tulsa, OK, USA: SEPM. 402 p. (SEPM Special Publications; no. 92)

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From Bann Flakes to Bushmills: Papers in Honour of Professor Peter Woodman

Finlay, N. (ed.), McCartan, S. (ed.), Milner, N. (ed.) & Wickham-Jones, C. (ed.), 1 Jun 2009, Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxbow Books. 224 p. (Prehistoric Society Monograph Series; vol. 1, no. 1)

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Lewisian, Torridonian and Moine Rocks of Scotland

Mendum, J. R., Barber, A. J., Butler, R. W. H., Flinn, D., Goodenough, K. M., Krabbendam, M., Park, R. G. & Stewart, A. D., 30 Apr 2009, Peterborough, United Kingdom: Joint Nature Conservation Committee. 721 p. (Geological Conservation Review Series; no. 34)

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People in Between: Ethnicity and Material Identity, a New Approach to Deconstructed Concepts

Hillerdal, C., 2009, Uppsala, Sweden: Uppsala Universitet. 318 p. (Occasional Papers in Archaeology; no. 50)

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Rock blocks

Turner, W., Nov 2009, American Mathematical Society. 106 p. (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society; vol. 202, no. 947)

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Representation Theory
Symmetric group
Schur Algebras
General Linear Group
Hecke Algebra

So Foul and Fair a Day: A History of Scotland's Weather and Climate

Dawson, A., 30 Oct 2009, Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Birlinn. 320 p.

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Climate Change

The Landscape of Scotland: a hidden history

Wickham-Jones, C. R., 2009, 2nd ed. The History Press Ltd. 256 p.

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A Fragmented Masterpiece: Recovering the Biography of the Hilton of Cadboll Pictish Cross-Slab

James, H., Henderson, I., Foster, S. M. & Jones, S., 2008, Edinburgh: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. 422 p.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

National Museums of Scotland
Archaeological Excavations
Interdisciplinary Studies

Classifying Spaces of Sporadic Groups

Benson, D. J. & Smith, S. D., 2008, American Mathematical Society. 289 p. (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs)

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Sporadic Groups
Sporadic Simple Groups
Classifying Space
Group Cohomology

Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Krishnamoorthy, R. (ed.), Glavovic, B. C. (ed.), Han, Z. (ed.), Tinti, S. (ed.), Ramanathan, A. L. (ed.), Green, D. R. (ed.), Kannen, A. (ed.) & Agardy, T. S. (ed.), 1 Dec 2008, Research Publishing Services. 800 p.

Research output: Book/ReportBook

coastal zone management
hazard management
human activity
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Onsite Testing for Arsenic: Field Test Kits

Feldmann, J., 2008, Unknown Publisher. 15 p. (Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology; vol. 197)

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Persuasive Technology: Proceedings of the AISB 2008 Symposium on Persuasive Technology

Masthoff, J. (ed.), Reed, C. (ed.) & Grasso, F. (ed.), 2008, Aberdeen, United Kingdom: University of Aberdeen. 72 p. (AISB 2008 Proceedings; vol. 3)

Research output: Book/ReportBook

Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Designing Interactive User Experiences for TV and Video (UXTV 2008)

Darnell, M. J. (ed.), Masthoff, J. (ed.), Panabaker, S. (ed.), Sullivan, M. (ed.) & Lugmayr, A. (ed.), 2008, New York, NY, USA: ACM Press. 202 p. ( ACM International Conference Proceeding Series)

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Schematic diagrams
Computer programming

Teaching geoscience through fieldwork

Butler, R. W. H., 2008, Plymouth, United Kingdom: University of Plymouth. 60 p. (GEES Learning and Teaching Guides)

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Group representation theory

Geck, M. J., Testerman, D. & Thévenaz, J., 7 May 2007, Lausanne, Switzerland: Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes, EPFL-Press. 350 p. (Fundamental Sciences: Mathematics)

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Scottish Odysseys: The Archaeology of Islands

Noble, G., Poller, T. & Raven, J., 1 Jul 2007, Stroud: Tempus . 192 p.

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Late Bronze Age
Iron Age

Maeshowe and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney: Official Souvenir Guide

Foster, S. M., 2006, Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Historic Scotland. 65 p.

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World Heritage Site

Music: A Mathematical Offering

Benson, D. J., Nov 2006, Cambridge University Press. 411 p.

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Neolithic Scotland: Timber, Stone, Earth and Fire

Noble, G., 2006, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. 320 p.

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Able Minds and Practised Hands: Scotland's Early Medieval Sculpture in the 21st Century

Foster, S. M. (ed.) & Morag, C. (ed.), Oct 2005, Leeds, United Kingdom: Maney Publishing . 440 p. (Society for Medieval Archaeology Monograph Series; vol. 23)

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Early Medieval Period
21st Century
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Agent-based management of responsive environments

da Silva, F. S. C. & Vasconcelos, W. W., 2005, Unknown Publisher. 13 p.

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Geometric Foundations of General Relativity Theory

Hall, G. S., 2005, Differential Geometry and its Applications: Unknown Publisher. 12 p.

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Going Mobile: Mobile Technologies and GIS

Green, D. R., 2005, URISA. 61 p.

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Hierarchical knowledge integration using layered conceptual graphs

Croitoru, M., Compatangelo, E. & Mellish, C., 2005, Unknown Publisher. 14 p.

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Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on the Evaluation of Adaptive Systems, associated with UM'05

Weibelzahl, S. (ed.), Paramythis, A. (ed.) & Masthoff, J. (ed.), 2005, Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh.

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The causes and progression of desertification

Geist, H. J., 2005, Ashgate Studies in Environmental Policy and Practice: Unknown Publisher. 258 p.

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An agent-based approach to Web site maintenance

Vasconcelos, W. W. & Cavalcanti, J., 2004, Unknown Publisher. 16 p.

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