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A survey of rare coding variants in candidate genes in schizophrenia by deep sequencing

Hu, X., Zhang, B., Liu, W., Paciga, S., He, W., Lanz, T. A., Kleiman, R., Dougherty, B., Hall, S. K., Mcintosh, A. M., Lawrie, S. M., Power, A., John, S. L., Blackwood, D., St Clair, D. & Brandon, N. J., 1 Jan 2014, In : Molecular Psychiatry. 19, 8, p. 857-858 2 p.

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Multiplex amplicon quantification screening the ABCA13 gene for copy number variation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Pickard, B. S., Van Den Bossche, M. J. A., Malloy, M. P., Johnstone, M., Lenaerts, A. S., Nordin, A., Goossens, D., St Clair, D., Muir, W. J., Nilsson, L. G., Sabbe, B., Adolfsson, R., Blackwood, D. H. R. & Del-Favero, J., Oct 2012, In : Psychiatric Genetics. 22, 5, p. 269-270 2 p.

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Common polygenic variation contributes to risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

St Clair, D. M., Purcell, M., Wray, N. R., Stone, J., Visscher, P. M., O'Donovan, M. C., Sullivan, P. F., Sklar, P. & The International Schizophrenia Consortium (ISC), 6 Aug 2009, In : Nature. 460, 7256, p. 748-752 5 p.

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Bipolar Disorder
Genome-Wide Association Study
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Common variants conferring risk of schizophrenia

Stefansson, H., Ophoff, R. A., Steinberg, S., Andreassen, O. A., Cichon, S., Rujescu, D., Werge, T., Pietiläinen, O. P. H., Mors, O., Mortensen, P. B., Sigurdsson, E., Gustafsson, O., Nyegaard, M., Tuulio-Henriksson, A., Ingason, A., Hansen, T., Suvisaari, J., Lonnqvist, J., Paunio, T., Børglum, A. D. & 31 others, Hartmann, A., Fink-Jensen, A., Nordentoft, M., Hougaard, D., Norgaard-Pedersen, B., Böttcher, Y., Olesen, J., Breuer, R., Möller, H-J., Giegling, I., Rasmussen, H. B., Timm, S., Mattheisen, M., Bitter, I., Réthelyi, J. M., Magnusdottir, B. B., Sigmundsson, T., Olason, P., Masson, G., Gulcher, J. R., Haraldsson, M., Fossdal, R., Thorgeirsson, T. E., Thorsteinsdottir, U., Ruggeri, M., Tosato, S., Franke, B., Strengman, E., Walker, N., St Clair, D. & Genetic Risk and Outcome in Psychosis (GROUP), 6 Aug 2009, In : Nature. 460, 7256, p. 744-747 4 p.

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Genome-Wide Association Study
Major Histocompatibility Complex
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Rare chromosomal deletions and duplications increase risk of schizophrenia

Stone, J. L., O'Donovan, M. C., Gurling, H., Kirov, G. K., Blackwood, D. H. R., Corvin, A., Craddock, N. J., Gill, M., Hultman, C. M., Lichtenstein, P., McQuillin, A., Pato, C. N., Ruderfer, D. M., Owen, M. J., St Clair, D., Sullivan, P. F., Sklar, P., Purcell, S. M., Scolnick, E. M., Holmans, P. A. & 31 others, Georgieva, L., Nikolov, I., Norton, N., Williams, H., Williams, N. M., Toncheva, D., Milanova, V., Thelander, E. F., Morris, D. W., O'Dushlaine, C. T., Kenny, E., Waddington, J. L., Choudhury, K., Datta, S., Pimm, J., Thirumalai, S., Puri, V., Krasucki, R., Lawrence, J., Quested, D., Bass, N., Curtis, D., Crombie, C., Fraser, G., Kwan, S. L., Muir, W. J., McGhee, K. A., Pickard, B., Malloy, P., Maclean, A. W. & The International Schizophrenia Consortium (ISC), 11 Sep 2008, In : Nature. 455, 7210, p. 237-241 5 p.

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Bipolar 1 disorder is not associated with the RGS4, PRODH, COMT and GRK3 genes

Prata, D. P., Breen, G., Munro, J., Sinclair, M., Osborne, S., Li, T., Kerwin, R., St. Clair, D. & Collier, D. A., Dec 2006, In : Psychiatric Genetics. 16, 6, p. 229-230 2 p.

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Candidate gene association studies of the alpha4 (CHRNA4) and beta2 (CHRNB2) neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit genes in Alzheimer's disease

Cook, L. J., Horrobin, L. W., Taylor, A. E., Brayne, C., Evans, J. G., Xuereb, J., Cairns, N. J., Pritchard, A., Lemmon, H. A., Mann, D., St Clair, D. M., Turic, D., Hollingworth, P., Moore, P. J., Jehu, L., Archer, N., Walter, S., Foy, C., Edmondson, A. & Powell, J., 2004, In : Neuroscience Letters. 358, p. 142-146 4 p.

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A family-based association study of T1945C polymorphism in the proline dehydrogenase gene and schizophrenia in the Chinese population

Fan, J. B., Ma, J., Zhang, C. S., Tang, J. X., Gu, N. F., Feng, G. Y., St Clair, D. M. & He, L., 2003, In : Neuroscience Letters. 338(3), p. 252-254 2 p.

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Apolipoprotein-491 promoter polymorphism is an independent risk factor for Alzheimer's disease

Yang, J. D., Feng, G. Y., Zhang, J., Cheung, J., St Clair, D. M., He, L. & Ichimura, K., 2003, In : Neuroscience Letters. p. 215-216 1 p.

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Apolipoprotein E ε4 allele is a risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia in Han Chinese

Zhang, J. G., Yang, J. G., Lin, Z. X., He, L., Feng, G. Y., Ma, X. Y., Wang, C. F., Lu, P. F., Song, S. B., Dong, X. Z., St Clair, D. & Breen, G., Apr 2001, In : International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 16, 4, p. 438-439 2 p.

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Screening British CADASIL families for mutations in the NOTCH3 gene

De Lange, R. P. J., Bolt, J., Reid, E., Da Silva, R., Shaw, D. J. & St Clair, D. M., 18 May 2000, In : Journal of Medical Genetics. 37, 3, p. 224-225 2 p.

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