A review of Rhinolophus (Chiroptera : Rhinolophidae) from Myanmar, including three species new to the country

P. J. J. Bates, M. M. Thi, T. Nwe, S. S. H. Bu, K. M. Mie, N. Nyo, A. A. Khaing, N. N. Aye, T. Oo, Iain James MacKie

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Rhinolophus stheno, R. acuminatus and R. macrotis are recorded from Myanmar for the first time based on authenticated voucher material. New data from recent surveys (2000-2003) are included for R. affinis, R. malayanus, R. lepidus, R. marshalli, R. pusillus, R. pearsoni, and R. thomasi. Additional records of R. rouxi and R. sinicus are listed on the basis of museum specimens. The status of R. subbadius, R. yunanensis, R. luctus, R. trifoliatus, R. coelophyllus, and R. shameli are reviewed. This brings the total number of Rhinolophus species known from Myanmar to eighteen and the number of all bat species to ninety-four. The possible reasons for the rich diversity of Rhinolophids are discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)23-48
Number of pages25
JournalActa Chiropterologica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • Rhinolophus
  • Myanmar
  • Burma
  • systematics
  • distribution
  • ecology

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