Agent-Based Virtual Organisations for the Grid

J. Patel, W. T. L. Teacy, N. R. Jennings, M. Luck, S. Chalmers, Nir Oren, Timothy J Norman, Alun David Preece, Peter Michael David Gray, G. Shercliffe, P. J. Stockreisser, J. Shao, W. A. Gray, N. J. Fiddian, S. Thompson

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The ability to create reliable and scalable virtual organisations (VOs) on demand in a dynamic, open and competitive environment is one of the major challenges that underlie Grid computing. In response, in the CONOISE-G project, we are developing an infrastructure to support robust and resilient virtual organisation formation and operation. Specifically, CONOISE-G provides mechanisms to assure effective operation of agent-based VOs in the face of disruptive and potentially malicious entities in dynamic, open and competitive environments. In this paper, we describe the CONOISE-G system, outline its use in the context of VO formation and perturbation, and review current efforts to progress the work to deal with unreliable information sources.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)237-249
Number of pages18
JournalMultiagent and Grid Systems
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • Virtual organisations
  • policing
  • trust
  • quality of service monitoring
  • agents
  • grid

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    Patel, J., Teacy, W. T. L., Jennings, N. R., Luck, M., Chalmers, S., Oren, N., Norman, T. J., Preece, A. D., Gray, P. M. D., Shercliffe, G., Stockreisser, P. J., Shao, J., Gray, W. A., Fiddian, N. J., & Thompson, S. (2005). Agent-Based Virtual Organisations for the Grid. Multiagent and Grid Systems, 1(4), 237-249.