'Behold St. Patrick's Kingdom': The Global Context of Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax

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This essay examines the global effect of Irish Catholic bishops and clergy to secure the social, spatial, and sexual separation of Catholics and Protestants. By securing control of the hierarchies of much of the English-speaking world, bishops associated with Archbishop Paul Cullen of Dublin were able over time to create the conditions that allowed Irish Catholicism to endure as a coherent and identifiable ethnicity from Nova Scotia to New South Wales. By placing Holy Cross Cemetery in a global context, it is possible to see not only what was distinct about the Irish Catholic experience in Halifax, but also how that fits into a global pattern of Hiberno-Roman Catholicism.
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JournalHistorical Studies
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2015



  • Irish Catholic Church
  • Nova Scotia
  • Halifax
  • Irish diaspora
  • Migration
  • cemeteries

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