Correction to: Construction of 2-local finite groups of a type studied by Solomon and Benson; [Geom. Topol. 6 (2002), 917-990 (electronic)]

Ran Levi, B. Oliver

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A p-local finite group is an algebraic structure with a classifying space which has many of the properties of p-completed classifying spaces of finite groups. In our paper [2], we constructed a family of 2-local finite groups which are "exotic" in the following sense: they are based on certain fusion systems over the Sylow 2-subgroup of Spin(7)(q) (q an odd prime power) shown by Solomon not to occur as the 2-fusion in any actual finite group. As predicted by Benson, the classifying spaces of these 2-local finite groups are very closely related to the Dywer-Wilkerson space BDI(4). An error in our paper [2] was pointed out to us by Andy Chermak, and we correct that error here.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2395-2415
Number of pages20
JournalGeometry & Topology
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • classifying space
  • p-completion
  • finite groups
  • fusion

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