Designing a Mobile Device for Pre-hospital Care

Anne Helen Schneider, Nirwan Sharma, Alasdair James Mort, Christopher Stuart Mellish, Ehud Baruch Reiter, Phil Wilson

Research output: Contribution to conferenceUnpublished paperpeer-review

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We present the early steps in a design process within the cross-disciplinary MIME project (Managing Information in Medical Emergencies). The project aims to develop a mobile medical monitoring system for rural pre-hospital scenarios in which the first person on-scene is typically a volunteer with only basic first-aid training. The goal is to allow the recording of physiological data and the accurate logging of observations and actions by these volunteers, and to automate the process of delivering a handover report to arriving ambulance teams. Pragmatic requirements were gathered through surveys and focus groups with medical experts and several prototypes were designed and evaluated.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jun 2013
Event7th Annual Irish HCI Conference 2013 (iHCI'13) - Dundalk, Ireland
Duration: 12 Jun 201313 Jun 2013


Conference7th Annual Irish HCI Conference 2013 (iHCI'13)


  • interface design
  • pre-hospital care
  • user-centred design
  • natural language generation


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