Draft Genome Sequence of Streptomyces sp. Strain CT34, Isolated from a Ghanaian Soil Sample

Yin Zhai, Bin Cheng, Juan Hu, Kwaku Kyeremeh, Xiaoling Wang, Marcel Jaspars, Hai Deng, Zi-Xin Deng, Kui Hong

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Presented here is a draft genome sequence of Streptomyces sp. strain CT34, which produces a novel ribosomally synthesized and posttranslationally modified peptide (RiPP). Analysis of the deduced open reading frame set identified the putative RiPP biosynthesis gene cluster, as well as other secondary metabolite gene clusters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number01508-14
JournalGenome Announcements
Issue number1
Early online date5 Feb 2015
Publication statusPublished - 2015


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