First Measurements of Absolute Branching Fractions of the Ξ 0 c Baryon at Belle

Y. B. Li, Belle Collaboration

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We present the first measurements of the absolute branching fractions of $\Xi_c^+$ decays into $\Xi^- \pi^+ \pi^+$, $p K^- \pi^+$, and $p \bar{K}^{*}(892)^{0}$ final states. Our analysis is based on a data set of $(772\pm 11)\times 10^{6}$ $B\bar{B}$ pairs collected at the $\Upsilon(4S)$ resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB $e^+e^-$ collider. We measure the absolute branching fraction of $\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_{c}^{-} \Xi_{c}^{+}$ with the $\Xi_c^+$ signal recoiling against $\bar{\Lambda}_c^-$ in $\bar{B}^0$ decays resulting in ${\cal B}(\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_{c}^{-} \Xi_{c}^{+}) = [1.16 \pm 0.42(\rm stat.) \pm 0.15(\rm syst.)] \times 10^{-3}$. We then measure the product branching fractions ${\cal B}(\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_c^- \Xi_c^+){\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to \Xi^- \pi^+ \pi^+)$, ${\cal B}(\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_c^- \Xi_c^+){\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to p K^- \pi^+)$, and ${\cal B}(\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_c^- \Xi_c^+){\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to p \bar{K}^{*}(892)^{0})$. Dividing these product branching fractions by $\bar{B}^{0} \to \bar{\Lambda}_{c}^{-} \Xi_{c}^{+}$ yields: ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to \Xi^- \pi^+ \pi^+) = [2.86 \pm 1.21(\rm stat.) \pm 0.38(\rm syst.)]\%$, ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to p K^- \pi^+)=[0.45 \pm 0.21(\rm stat.) \pm 0.07(\rm syst.)]\%$, and ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to p \bar{K}^{*}(892)^{0}) = [0.25 \pm 0.16(\rm stat.) \pm 0.04(\rm syst.)]\%$. Our result for ${\cal B}(\Xi_c^+ \to \Xi^- \pi^+ \pi^+)$ can be combined with $\Xi_c^+$ branching fractions measured relative to $\Xi_c^+ \to \Xi^- \pi^+ \pi^+$ to set the absolute scale for many $\Xi_c^+$ branching fractions.
Original languageEnglish
Article number082001
JournalPhysical Review Letters
Issue number8
Early online date25 Feb 2019
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2019


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