Impacto do Câncer na Atividade Cerebral

Translated title of the contribution: The impact of cancer on the neural activity

Kelly Cristiane Iarosz, Antonio Marcos Batista, Murilo da Silva Baptista, Paulo Ricardo Protachevicz

Research output: Working paper


We study the impact of the decrease in the neural population on the neuronal firing rate. We propose a cellular automaton model from cancerous growth in a brain tissue and the death of neurons due absence of cells that help support to neurons. We use this model to study how the firing rate changes when the neuronal networks is under different external stimuli and the cancerous cells have different proliferation rate. Our work shows that the cancer proliferation decreases the neuronal firing rate.
Translated title of the contributionThe impact of cancer on the neural activity
Original languagePortuguese
Number of pages14
Publication statusSubmitted - 2 Oct 2015


  • neurons
  • glial cells
  • spiking rate


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