Resource Development and Pollution Prevention in the Russian Arctic

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Russia accounts for more than half of the Arctic Ocean coastline and has sovereign rights for its vast Arctic offshore petroleum resources. The Northern Sea Route (NSR) along the Russian coast is projected to become the main shipping lane for Arctic resources. Russia is the largest gas and second-largest oil exporter in the world. Its economy is highly dependent on petroleum exports, as witnessed by the recession that followed the 2014 oil price drop. With maturing provinces onshore, and more than half of Russian State revenue coming from oil and gas development, the industry is turning to the Arctic and Far East.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Arctic in World Affairs
Subtitle of host publicationA North Pacific Dialogue on Global-Arctic Interactions: The Arctic Moves from Periphery to Center
EditorsRobert W. Corell, Jong Deog Kim, Yoon Hyung Kim, Arild Moe, Charles E. Morrison, David L. WanderZwaag, Oran R. Young
PublisherKorean Maritime Institute/East West Centre
ChapterPart V
Number of pages10
ISBN (Print)9791189964672
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019

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NameThe Arctic in World Affairs
PublisherKorea Maritime Institute/East-West Center


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