Small-Scale Mantle Convection Produces Stratigraphic Sequences in Sedimentary Basins

K. D. Petersen, S. B. Nielsen, O. R. Clausen, R. Stephenson, T. Gerya

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Cyclic sedimentary deposits link stratigraphic sequences that are now geographically distant but were once part of the same depositional environment. Some of these sequences occur at periods of 2 to 20 million years, and eustatic sea-level variations or regional tectonic events are likely causes of their formation. Using numerical modeling, we demonstrate that small-scale mantle convection can also cause the development of stratigraphic sequences through recurrent local and regional vertical surface movements. Small-scale convection-driven stratigraphic sequences occur at periods of 2 to 20 million years and correlate only at distances up to a few hundred kilometers. These results suggest that previous sequence stratigraphic analyses may contain erroneous conclusions regarding eustatic sea-level variations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)827-830
Number of pages4
Issue number5993
Publication statusPublished - 13 Aug 2010


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