Supramolecular side chain liquid crystal polymers II. Interaction of mesogenic acids and amorphous polymers

David Stewart, Corrie T. Imrie

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The thermal behaviour of blends of a low molar mass mesogenic acid, 6-(4-n-butyloxy- 4'-oxybiphenyl)hexanoic acid (BOBPOHA) with polystyrene, poly(2-vinylpyridine) and poly(4-vinylpyridine) has been characterized. BOBPOHA exhibits a monotropic smectic A phase and is essentially immiscible with polystyrene. Thus, the transition temperatures of the acid are independent of blend composition. In contrast, the thermal properties of the acid are strongly modified on blending with poly(2-vinylpyridine) and poly(4-vinylpyridine). Molecular mixing occurs in these blends below approximately 0-2 mol fraction of acid. This miscibility is driven by the formation of hydrogen bonds between the pyridyl and acid moieties. At higher concentrations of acid, phase separation occurs. Liquid crystallinity is not observed in the miscible blends while in the immiscible blends mesomorphic behaviour is attributed to regions of phase separated acid.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)619-625
Number of pages7
JournalLiquid Crystals
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1996


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