The association between plasma levels of acute phase proteins, haptoglobin, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein (AGP), Pig-MAP, transthyretin and serum amyloid A (SAA) in Large White and Meishan pigs

M. Clapperton, S. C. Bishop, M. Piñeiro, Fiona Margaret Campbell, E. J. Glass

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    During infection, the acute phase response triggers the release of acute phase proteins (APP), alpha-(1), acid glycoprotein (AGP), serum amyloid A (SAA) and Pig-MAP into the circulation, accompanied by a decrease in plasma levels of transthyretin. We quantified the association between these APP in 26 apparently healthy pigs from two breeds, 13 Large White and 13 Meishan (16 male; 10 female). There was a significant correlation between plasma levels of haptoglobin and Pig-MAP (r = 0.57;p < 0.05), but no significant associations between any of the other APP tested. We also measured the relationship between PigMAP, transthyretin and SAA, and the proportions of peripheral blood mononuclear sub-sets, CD8(+) cells, CD4(+) cells, CD11R1(+) cells, MHC DQ(+) cells, and monocytes. There were correlations between both plasma levels of Pig-MAP and the proportion of monocytes (r = 0.55; p < 0.05) and plasma levels of transthyretin and the proportion of MHC DQ(+) cells (r = 0.40; p < 0.01). Breed and sex influenced plasma levels of Pig-MAP but not plasma levels of transthyretin. Overall, these results suggest closer links between the mechanisms that regulate the release haptoglobin, Pig-MAP and monocytes compared to those that regulate the release of AGP, SAA and transthyretin.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)303-309
    Number of pages7
    JournalVeterinary Immunology and Immunopathology
    Issue number3-4
    Early online date2 Jun 2007
    Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2007


    • acute phase proteins
    • correlations
    • pigs
    • Large White
    • Meishan
    • quantitative trait loci
    • C-reactive protein
    • monoclonal-antibodies
    • streptococcus-suis
    • infection
    • endotoxin
    • selection
    • growth
    • swine
    • Acute phase proteins
    • large white
    • meishan

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