The DCCP Service Code

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This document describes the usage of Service Codes by the Datagram
Congestion Control Protocol, RFC 4340. It motivates the setting of a
Service Code by applications. Service Codes provide a method to
identify the intended service/application to process a DCCP
connection request. This provides improved flexibility in the use
and assignment of port numbers for connection multiplexing. The use
of a DCCP Service Code can also enable more explicit coordination of
services with middleboxes (e.g., network address translators and
firewalls). This document updates the specification provided in RFC
Original languageEnglish
TypeInternet Standard
PublisherInternet Society
VolumeIETF RFC 5595
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2009

Publication series

NameRFC Series
PublisherInternet Society
ISSN (Electronic)2070-1721


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