Die Tuberkulose-Infektionsraten in Stuttgart in den Jahren 1961 bis 1971

Translated title of the contribution: The infection rate for tuberculosis in Stuttgart between 1961 and 1971

M. A. Bleiker, P. M. Fayers, G. Neumann

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Intracutaneous tuberculin tests were performed on 475 schoolchildren aged 9œ–15œ years in 1965, and 1,858 school-children aged 7–15 years in 1971. An induration 10 mm in diameter was taken as the criterion of a tubercular infection. It was present in 2.11% of cases in 1965 and 0.81% in 1971. These results were used to estimate the yearly infection rate for tuberculosis. It demonstrates that the actual risk of tuberculosis infection in Stuttgart is very low at 0.03%. The reduction in the infection rate of tuberculosis over the years and with increasing age was 14.9%, corresponding to the conditions reported from The Netherlands.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)1066-1070
Number of pages5
JournalDeutsche medizinische Wochenschrift
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - 25 May 1973


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