The science of EChO

Giovanna Tinetti, James Y K Cho, Caitlin A. Griffith, Olivier Grasset, Lee Grenfell, Tristan Guillot, Tommi T. Koskinen, Julianne I. Moses, David Pinfield, Jonathan Tennyson, Marcell Tessenyi, Robin Wordsworth, Alan Aylward, Roy Van Boekel, Angioletta Coradini, Therese Encrenaz, Ignas Snellen, Maria R. Zapatero-Osorio, Jeroen Bouwman, Vincent Coude Du ForestoMercedes Lopez-Morales, Ingo Mueller-Wodarg, Enric Palle, Franck Selsis, Alessandro Sozzetti, Javier Martin-Torres, Sergey Yurchenko

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Physics & Astronomy