The Way We Live Now

Lindsay Sullivan

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The Way We Live Now was published in twenty monthly parts between February 1874 and September 1875. Written in reaction to Trollope’s horror at the greed and dishonesty of Victorian society, it takes a satirical sweep at commerce, politics, marriage and publishing. The novel attracted caustic reviews: the Examiner described it as “singularly barren of fine observations and lively mots” (28 August 1875), the Athenaeum thought that was “carelessly constructed and carelessly written”, and that it was not one of [Trollope’s] best novels (26 June 1875), and a damning review in the Spectator berates the novel’s “sordid baseness” before concluding that Trollope “has made a …
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Subtitle of host publicationEnglish Writing and Culture of the Victorian Period, 1837-1901
EditorsGillian Fenwick, Grace Moore
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2005


  • The Way We Live Now
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