Executive Guest Speaker Series: Wenhua Xhu, Former CFO at McDonalds

Activity: Disseminating Research Workshop, Seminar or Course


Topic: Financial risk management


公司业财融合(业务与财务相融合)是近来企业运营中的hot topic,现代商业环境以从未有过的速度快速变化,新的商业模式不断涌现。传统的事后核算型管理方式已经不能适应这种需求,需要将财务管理向业务前端前移,在业务决策时融合财务分析和风险评估,通过业财融合为业务开展提供控制依据和标准。那么,如何进行财务分析,以判断公司的运营风险;如何进行经营分析,找出财务数据背后的业务原因以提出解决之道?


8月28日14:30,阿伯丁EMBA workshop - 业财融合与税务筹划。上外财经教授、麦当劳前财务总监朱文华博士将与大家共同探讨。

The convergence of business and finances is a hot topic in business operations in recent times, and the modern business environment is changing rapidly, with new business models constantly emerging. The traditional post-accounting management method can no longer meet this demand, and it is necessary to move financial management to the front end of the business, integrate financial analysis and risk assessment in business decision-making, and provide control basis and standards for business development through the integration of industry and finance. So, how to conduct financial analysis to judge the operational risks of the company; How do you conduct an operational analysis to find out the business reasons behind the financial data to come up with a solution?

At the same time, with the launch of the fourth phase of China's Golden Tax, the importance of corporate tax planning is unprecedented, and reasonable tax avoidance can significantly reduce operating costs; Unreasonable tax avoidance poses huge corporate and personal risks. How to ensure reasonable tax planning? What are the reasonable ways to avoid taxes?

28th August, 14:30, EMBA Workshop in Aberdeen - Integration of Industry and Finance and Tax Planning. Dr. Zhu Wenhua, Professor of Shanghai Foreign Finance and Economics and former Chief Financial Officer of McDonald's, will discuss these topics with you.
Period31 Aug 2022
Event titleExecutive Guest Speaker Series
Event typeSeminar
Degree of RecognitionInternational