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Passenger Probe Kit study

Gault, P. E. (Creator), Corsar, D. (Contributor), Edwards, P. (Contributor), Nelson, J. (Contributor), Cottrill, C. (Contributor) & Galan-Diaz, C. R. (Contributor), University of Aberdeen, 1 Jun 2015


Passing a USA National Bar Exam: a First Corpus for Experimentation: Article Data

Wyner, A. Z. (Creator), Fawei, B. J. (Creator) & Pan, J. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 31 Mar 2016


Patient and public involvement (PPI) in UK surgical trials: a survey and focus groups with stakeholders to identify practices, views and experiences

Crocker, J. C. (Creator), Pratt-Boyden, K. (Creator), Hislop, J. (Creator), Rees, S. (Creator), Locock, L. (Creator), Olszowski, S. (Creator), Chant, A. (Creator), Treweek, S. (Creator), Cook, J. A. (Creator), Woolfall, K. (Creator), Farrar, N. (Creator), Bostock, J. (Creator) & Bulbulia, R. (Creator), BMC, 11 Feb 2019


Persistence, impacts and environmental drivers of covert infections in invertebrate hosts.

De Brito Fontes, I. S. (Creator), Hartikainen, H. (Creator), Williams, C. (Creator), Okamura, B. (Creator) & Paton, G. (Data Manager), Dryad Digital Repository, 1 Dec 2017


Pharmacy choice DCE

Watson, V. (Creator) & Porteous, T. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 24 Nov 2015



Webster, G. (Creator), Nguyen, H. (Creator), Beel, D. E. (Creator) & Kay, A. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2012


Pressure forces on sediment particles in turbulent open-channel flow

Stewart, M. (Creator), Nikora, V. I. (Supervisor), Amir, M. (Creator) & Cameron, S. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 5 May 2015


Proteomic comparison of selective breeding and growth hormone transgenesis in fish

Causey, D. R. (Creator), Kim, J. (Creator), Stead, D. (Creator), Martin, S. (Creator), Devlin, R. H. (Creator) & MacQueen, D. J. (Creator), Elsevier, 25 Aug 2018


Provenance of Social Media - Survey & Responses

Markovic, M. (Creator), Corsar, D. (Creator) & Edwards, P. (Supervisor), University of Aberdeen, 3 Nov 2016


Reconciling the contribution of niche and stochastic structuring of tropical forest diversity through the lens of imaging spectroscopy

Bongalov, B. (Creator), Burslem, D. (Creator), Jucker, T. (Creator), Thompson, S. E. D. (Creator), Rosindell, J. (Creator), Swinfield, T. (Creator), Nilus, R. (Creator), Clewley, D. (Creator), Phillips, O. L. (Creator) & Coomes, D. A. (Creator), Figshare, 2 Jul 2019


Reducing Escherichia Coli O157 Risk in Rural Communities, 2007-2011

Hunter, C. (Creator), Cross, P. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator) & Strachan, N. (Creator), UK Data Service, 15 Apr 2019


RemoteStream Code

Verdicchio, F. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 2015


Reproductive performance of resident and migrant males, females and pairs in a partially migratory bird

Grist, H. (Creator), Daunt, F. (Creator), Wanless, S. (Creator), Burthe, S. J. (Creator), Newell, M. A. (Creator), Harris, M. (Creator) & Reid, J. (Creator), Dryad Digital Repository, 18 May 2017


Residues with varying recalcitrance interact differently with seed or root exudate compounds to affect the biophysical behaviour of soil

Hallett, P. (Creator), Oleghe, E. E. (Creator), Baggs, E. M. (Creator) & Naveed, M. (Creator), Mendeley, 2 Dec 2019