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Water isotopes at Bruntland Burn catchment

Kuppel, S. (Creator), Tetzlaff, D. (Owner) & Soulsby, C. (Data Manager), University of Aberdeen, 5 Jun 2018


Women's political participation after the Scottish independence referendum

Rummery, K. (Creator), McAngus, C. A. (Creator) & Bennie, L. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 27 Apr 2018


X-ray diffraction data of IrSr2Sm2-xCexCu2O10 samples

McLaughlin, A. (Creator) & Colman, R. (Creator), University of Aberdeen, 8 May 2015


Young People's Leisure and Lifestyles in Modern Scotland, 1987.

McCrae, J. (Creator), Shucksmith, J. (Creator), Hendry, L. B. (Creator), Love, J. (Creator) & Smith, D. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 25 Aug 1990


Young People's Situations and Well-being in Siberia, 2002-2003

Glendinning, A. (Creator) & Bone, J. (Data Manager), UK Data Service, 2 Sep 2005