Awarded Great Wall Professorship y Novo Nordisk Foundation

  • Speakman, John Roger (Recipient)

Prize: Appointment


First non-Chinese recipient of professorship.

In 2007, Novo Nordisk and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) established the Novo Nordisk - Chinese Academy of Sciences Research Fund.

The Fund supports projects of interest to both CAS and Novo Nordisk in the fields of diabetes, biopharmaceuticals and protein sciences that are jointly submitted by scientists from CAS and Novo Nordisk. The projects include research projects, workshops, PhD fellowships and PostDoc fellowships, and exchange visits. The Fund has also supported CAS-NN Great Wall Professorships in Protein Sciences to build relations to rising stars at CAS.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsNovo Nordisk Foundation


  • Novo Nordisk Foundation