Nuevos datos sobre la distribución y dieta de la nutria paleártica (lutra lutra) en la provincia de salamanca

Translated title of the contribution: New data on the distribution and diet of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) in the province of Salamanca

P. García, M. Lizana, J. Morales, J. Gutiérrez, F. Acera, R. Báez, A.N.A. García-González, J.C. Pérez-Alonso, O. Prieto, D. Díez-Frontón

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The Eurasian otter is a species closely linked to aquatic environments, whose distribution range was greatly reduced during the XX century. Between 1984 and 2005 the distribution of this species was monitored in Salamanca by means of spraint surveys in the water bodies in the province. These spraints were collected and analysed. The results of the present work show the progressive recovery of the Eurasian otter in the province of Salamanca, occurring in 39% of the sites surveyed in the decade of the 80's, 64% in the 90∧s and 74% of the sites in 2005. The number of positive sites reveals a widespread distribution, the otter being present in nearly all the river basins of the province of Salamanca. The number of positive surveys is higher in the western area (regions of El Abadengo, Campo Charro and Arribes del Duero), whereas in the northeastern cultivated areas it is rare with a seasonal presence, and restricted to reservoirs. The diet of the otter in Salamanca is based preferentially on fish and varies in function of availabity. Amphibians and aquatic reptiles, such as water snakes are secondary prey, whilst birds, mammals and invertebrates are accesory prey.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)117-125
Number of pages9
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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García, P., Lizana, M., Morales, J., Gutiérrez, J., Acera, F., Báez, R., ... Díez-Frontón, D. (2009). Nuevos datos sobre la distribución y dieta de la nutria paleártica (lutra lutra) en la provincia de salamanca. Ecologia, 117-125.